Scooters and Lift Chairs
in Connellsville, PA

Also Serving Uniontown, PA, and Mount Pleasant, PA

Buy Top Scooters and Lift Chairs at Tom & Jerry’s Home Medical Service

When anyone needs quality scooters and lift chairs in Connellsville, PA, we suggest visiting Tom & Jerry’s Home Medical Service. We sell industry-leading Pride Mobility® scooters and lift chairs at budget-friendly prices. Our team is dedicated to finding the right model for our customers in the community. We can assure you that our scooters and lift chairs meet or exceed the stringent standards of our industry.

Visit us at 145 North 8th Street in Connellsville or call (724) 628-8913 if you have any questions about scooters or lift chairs. We also serve Uniontown, PA, Mount Pleasant, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Move Up in Mobility with Pride Mobility® Scooters

When you buy a scooter from Tom & Jerry’s Home Medical Service, you will have the freedom to do travel independently. You will be able to travel safely and conveniently. Pride Mobility® scooters are lightweight, durable, strong, easy to operate, and are head and shoulders above the competition. Whether you want a 3-wheel, 4-wheel, or heavy duty type of scooter, you are sure to find the right scooter. Operators run forward and reverse by two thumb levers. If you are ready to move up in mobility, we have Pride Mobility® scooter for you.

We Offer These Types of Scooters to the Connellsville Area

  • 3-Wheel
  • 4-Wheel
  • Heavy Duty
  • Folding
  • 3-Wheel Travel
  • 4-Wheel Travel

Our Lift Chairs Give You the Extra Boost Up You Need

If you struggle to get out of a recliner or other chair at home, it might be time to buy a lift chair. Tom & Jerry’s Home Medical Service sells attractive and user-friendly lift chairs. You might not be familiar with lift chairs, but you probably have seen one in action. A lift chair looks like a standard recliner. But it can lean forward in order to give the user a lift to their feet or to a wheelchair. Pride Mobility® lift chairs are fully functional and fashionable with your home décor. You will not have to worry anymore about getting up from a chair. Pride lift chairs are qualified for partial reimbursement under certain Medicaid and insurance policies.

Lift Chair Styles Include:

  • 2-Position
  • 3-Position
  • Infinite Position
  • Zero Gravity
  • Lift Chairs with Heat and Massage
  • High Weight Capacity

Contact us when you need to purchase scooters and lift chairs in Connellsville, PA.